Wash Wizard

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Wash Wizard North Main

Welcome, fair travelers, to the Wash Wizard Car Wash in Summerville, South Carolina. Behold, for you are about to embark on a wondrous journey, featuring one of the longest, most advanced and entertaining car washes in all of the land.

This is one of the most wondrous car washes that shall cast a spell on you.  Fear not, for our car wash is ever ready to serve you, from the early hours of the morning till the setting of the sun, seven days a week. (7 AM to 8 PM, daily), with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, when we shall be closed.  So come forth and experience the magic of Wash Wizard car wash!  May thy carriage forever shine bright, and may thy travels be filled with adventure and glory.

The Wash Wizard

2146 N Main St. Summerville, SC 29486

Wash Wizard Ladson Road

Welcome, noble subjects, to the Wash Wizard car wash, situated in Ladson, South Carolina. Behold, for thou hast arrived at the most advanced, and entertaining car wash of the highest quality in all of the land.  Our car wash is ever ready to serve you, with the longest and most thorough cleaning, fit for a king. We are open seven days a week, from the early hours of the morn till the setting of the sun, seven days a week.  (7 AM to 8 PM, daily), apart from Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays when we shall be closed.  So come forth and experience the majesty of Wash Wizard car wash, where your carriage shall be cleansed to the utmost perfection. May you depart with a regal carriage and a smile on thy face!

The King Graphene of Wash Wizard

3910 Ladson Rd, Ladson, SC 29456

Wash Wizard Bacons Bridge


Hark ye, noble sirs and ladies! The Wash Wizard of Bacons Bridge Road shall soon make its appearance, and we shall be ready to serve thee with the most exemplary car wash experience in all the land. Behold, for our car wash shall be one of the longest and most advanced known to man, fit for a knight of the highest order. We eagerly await the year 2024, when we shall be ready to embark on this noble journey with thee. So ready thy carriages and prepare for the grandest car wash experience of all time, for the Wash Wizard of Bacons Bridge Road shall soon be at thy service!​

999 Bacons Bridge Rd, Summerville SC 29485

The Shining Knight of Wash Wizard

Wash Wizard Car Wash

Wash Wizard Car Wash Ladson Road

Wash Wizard Features

  • 180-Foot-Long Tunnel – enables faster throughput with more washing equipment to eliminate wait time.
  • 26-Foot-Wide Tunnel – is less claustrophobic and easier to navigate.
  • Dedicated Online Automated Bug Removal – new bug removal chemistry and equipment eliminates wait time for manual bug preparation and provides a more consistent bug removal process.
  • 25 Vacuum Spaces – means plenty of spaces to finish your interior cleaning.
  • 14′ Extra Wide Vacuum Spaces – makes it easier to maneuver around your vehicle while vacuuming.
    Shaded Vacuum Canopies – provide a more comfortable vacuuming experience.
  • 3 Paystation Lanes – provide more throughput and less wait time.
  • Customer License Plate Recognition – enables easy sign up for Monthly Unlimited Plans online or at the pay station with no employee interaction required to sign up or manage your plan.
  • Accessibility – front and rear entrances and exits makes it for travel in all directions and to a traffic light.
  • Advanced Light Show – Best in class lightshow with many backlit arches for an entirely themed wash experience within the wash tunnel. Your kids will love and so will you!



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