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Wash Wizard Car Wash Family Plan Structure

Wash Wizard Car Wash Family Plan Structure

We do offer a Family Unlimited Club that provides up to 20% off each additional license plate number on your account up to a maximum of 4. Each additional member must be on the same account and the same package. Additional License Plates added will have a prorated first month cost for the newly added license plates based on the main account’s renewal date and then the next renewal will have all the license plates processed on the same day moving forward.

First Plate / Additional Plates Pricing *Same Package Required

  • King Graphene Wash Club – $49.99 / $39.99 Save 20%
  • Shining Knight Ceramic Wash Club – $42.99 /$36.49 Save 15%
  • Wicked Wheel Wash Club – $33.99 / $30.49 Save 10%
  • Magic Wash Club $26.99 / $24.99 Save 7%


Login into your account online at https://washwizard.mywashaccount.com
  1. Click Login / Register
  2. Register your account (if you have not done so)
  3. Select My Account – Manage Account
  4. Click Plan Details Drop Down for Recurring Plans
  5. Click Manage Plan and Prepaids
  6. Select Manage Tags
  7. Scroll To Additional Member Purchase
  8. Click Add a New Vehicle Button
  9. Enter Plate Number
  10. Click Save Button


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