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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the tunnel have any height restrictions?

Yes it does. Our maximum height is 7″2″.

Can you wash dual wheel trucks (Dually)?

Unfortunately our equipment cannot handle dual real wheel vehicles as they are too wide for our tunnel equipment and would be damaged by the equipment.

Can soft and hard top convertibles go through the wash?

Yes they can! Hard and soft top vehicles are able to go through our wash. If you have any questions about your particular convertible please contact us.

How do I make changes to my membership account?

You can create and online account by registering online HERE by clicking “Login/Register” on the top right. You can also call us 843-900-3234 or come into our office on site. For any changes, you will need to have your license plate number.

Can I change the license plate on my account?

Changing license plates cannot be done online.  Please contact the store via phone or email to change the license plate number on your account. info@washwizardcarwash.com OR 843-900-3234

What are the benefits of Ceramic Coatings?

Boding at a molecular level, our three-step layer process of the Ceramic application forms a durable shield that is resistant to dirt, bird droppings, and contaminants, and water. The layer process provides superior hydrophobic repellency and a longer lasting shine.

What is your Muddy Vehicle Policy?

Wash Wizard is not equipment to handle mud covered vehicles. While we are a car wash, our equipment is optimized for volume and normal dirt that accumulates from on road driving. Handling extra muddy vehicles that may have been driven off road requires extra spray down time and causes delays for other customers. We kindly request that if you have a muddy vehicle you spray down the mud at home or at a self-serve car wash and then visit Wash Wizard for your final cleaning. If your car is too muddy, we reserve the right to remove your car from the wash and refund your purchase.

What is your Damage Policy?

Our car wash process involves lightly touching each vehicle with neoprene and cloth cleaning wraps and we utilize high power blowers to dry the vehicle that have wind speeds approaching 90 MPH. We cannot be responsible for items that may fall off of vehicles when lightly touched during the washing process or blown off during the drying process. Car parts become loose over time and adhesives deteriorate, and we cannot be responsible for replacing these kinds of items that are considered wear and tear vehicle maintenance.   If our equipment malfunctions or our staff is negligent is some way, we will cover it.

We are NOT responsible for:

  1. Wipers, Antennas, or Side Mirrors
  2. Bug Shields, Sun Visors, Rain Deflectors
  3. Loose Chrome/Moldings
  4. Running Boards
  5. Any Type of Accessory or After Market Parts
  6. Vehicles Over 5 Years Old
  7. Loose Parts Blown Off By Blowers
  8. DO NOT USE if vehicle has body damage. Loose chrome, or accessories.
How do you approach Water Conservation?

When you wash with Wash Wizard, you are helping conserve water and dispose of soap and chemicals through environmentally safe methods. Wash Wizard uses biodegradable chemicals, and we dispose of our waste by removing most solids and directly disposing of the remaining liquids into the sanitary sewer system where they are properly treated and processed. We also recycle 88% of the water we use through a Water Reclamation System.

The average at-home car wash uses up to 140 gallons of water. Not only does washing at home waste water, but pollution generated from a driveway car wash goes down storm drains meaning untreated chemicals are discharged into area streams and rivers.

How do you approach Energy Conservation?

Vacuums and blowers are numbers one and two based on the total amount of power they consume as compared to other equipment at the carwash. Wash Wizard has deployed the latest in Variable Frequency Drive technology and controls to minimize our electric consumption and lower our carbon footprint.  

  • Our vacuum suction transducer sensors provide the optimal amount of suction for the demand. As more customers use the vacuum/turbine, the turbine speeds up or slows to a minimum when demand is low. In this situation you are able to regulate the energy consumed based on the amount of usage or need, and our customers will in turn always get the optimal amount of suction.
  • Our Blowers use air gates to reduce power demand in between vehicles and Variable Frequency Drive to optimize dryer speeds.
  • High pressure pumps – Instead of unloading water and running a pump and motor flat out all the time, our Variable Frequency Drives allow Wash Wizard to run the motor and pump at the RPM necessary to get the pressure we need.
  • LED Lighting – All of the lighting utilized at Wash Wizard are high efficiency LED fixtures.
What is the best way to remove Pollen?

Pollen is something you want to remove as often as you can. Although it is mighty small, a single pollen grain can cling to the various pores of your paint.  It is the acidity of the pollen that can cause damage. The acidity activated in pollen when it gets wet and that can cause staining and premature oxidation over time. Soap will encapsulate the pollen and loosen its grip on the paint and light agitation will move it out of the pores of your paint and leave you with a glossy, scratch free finish.

Can bug residue damage my paint?

Bugs are definitely the enemy of your car’s paint job. Their bodily fluids are acidic and can dissolve an automobile finish. Typically no permanent damage is caused if the surface is cleaned soon after impact. It has been determined that squashed Lovebug is about neutral with a pH of 6.5 but becomes acidic at 4.25 within 24 hours. The acid etches into paint or clearcoat. So, clean bugs off as soon as they get on the car – as soon as possible so they come off easier and there is less time for paint damage to occur.

A good coat of car wax is your best protection. It puts a protective layer between the vehicle’s finish and the insect residue. For removal, do not try to rub dried bug residue off with a towel as it will likely damage your paint worse than the bug itself.

Are you looking for a unique fundraising idea?

Fundraise with Wash Wizard.  We want to partner with your church group, sports team, school group or charitable organization and take away the hassle of organizing a fundraiser. We can customize a package to meet your needs and your supporters will receive a quality product they will ENJOY using!

  1. Complete an application form.
  2. If approved, we’ll send you 10 free $25 wash cards and up to 90 more $25 Wash Cards for $8 Each
  3. Your group will sell the cards for the $25 face value or whatever discount amount that you choose.
  4. Your group keeps 100% of the profits.
  5. The card will provide the recipient with a top of the line $25 Car Wash with Ceramic Coating Paint Protection. 
Where can I get gift cards?

Available for purchase at our pay station terminal on site only.

  • Buy $100 Get $120 Value on your Gift Card
  • Buy $75 Get $90 Value on your Gift Card
  • Buy $50 Get Free $60 Value on your Gift Card
  • Buy $30 Get $35 Value on your Gift Card

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